Company investigation

DVI operates in the business environment regarding:

Lease and insurance company

Commissioned by insurers and leasing companies, DVI carries out location investigations of theft, damage and tracing of stolen vehicles and work equipment.

We also use the expertise at our branch office in Sofia, Bulgaria.

From this office, local expertise is used for the recovery of stolen and misappropriated objects found in Bulgaria and Romania.



Our detective agency works exclusively for the Dutch Road Plate Collective. This is an initiative of a group of leading road plate rental companies. Measures are jointly taken against theft and embezzlement in the construction and infrastructure sector and on projects. By actively informing each other about calamities and suspicious transactions and by deploying a permanent detective agency (DVI) in the event of criminal offenses, the members of the Rijplaten collective and their clients are assisted in the fight against crime.

Due to the available expertise, DVI is called in in the construction sector to detect stolen or misappropriated vehicles, work equipment and work materials.

Members of the Road Plate Collective are:

Aarnoudse Verhuur B.V.

Boskalis B.V.

Breure Grondwerken Rijplaten en Zandhandel B.V.

de Waard Grondverzet B.V

Dura Vermeer B.V.

Dynamostaal B.V.

H. van Meekeren B.V.

Janssen Group B.V.

Jovertra B.V.

Lekkerkerker Rotterdam B.V.,

Molenaar Haarlem B.V.

P&K B.V.

Plaisier B.V.

Janssen Group B.V.

Schaap de With Rijplatenverhuur B.V

Solid Infraservice B.V.

Steelwood B.V.

Swanenburg IJzer Groep B.V.

van Schie B.V

Van Vliet Rijplaten B.V.

van Werven Infra B.V.

Volker Stevin Materieel B.V.

Woud Verhuur B.V.


Of course, our work does not only end with repressive measures such as tracing stolen goods, but also taking preventive measures to prevent crime.

DVI offers various security concepts for both companies and your personal environment.

Given the many options, we will provide you with tailor-made advice.

Technical aids can be used for investigations, advice and security. This concerns the use of different variations of camera and alarm systems and GPS Track & Trace systems.